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Ford Issues Recall for Over 40,000 Bronco Sports and Escapes | Auto Insider

Ford Issues Recall for Over 40,000 Bronco Sports and Escapes


Approximately 43,000 Ford SUVs are being recalled due to the risk of fires. The recall was recently announced due to concerns of a fuel leak that could lead to an engine fire. The models impacted are certain Bronco models and Escapes.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating this recall which impacts 1% of the SUVs produced in 2022 and 2023. The recall impacts 22,270 Bronco Sport models from 2022 and 2023 as well as 20,382 Escape models from 2022. All the recalled vehicles have 1.5-liter engines. This recall specifically impacts the Bronco Sport line since it is based on the same platform as the Ford Escape.


If one of your vehicles on the recall list is impacted, you should take your Bronco Sport or Escape to a Ford or Lincoln dealership to have a drain tube installed in the vehicle at no cost. There is a current solution for the recall. It includes a fee engine control software update that detects a pressure drop in the fuel injection system. This disables the high-pressure fuel pump, reduces engine power and cuts temperatures in the engine compartment enabling fuel to drain from a cylinder head hole to the ground below.


Ford started notifying owners on April 1. Check the NHTSA recall website to see if your vehicle has been impacted or contact Ford’s customer service line at 866-436-7332. The number to check this recall on the website is 24S16 and is an expansion of the last recall: 22V-859.

Chevy to Debut First Mid-Engine Corvette ZR1 This Summer


Chevrolet recently teased a silhouette of its new Corvette ZR1. This will be the first time the ZR1 will have a mid-engine. The new ZR1 will debut this summer.


It’s been years since the previous ZR1 was released for the front-engine C7 Corvettes. The C7 ZR1 boasted a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that made a hefty 755 horsepower. The C8 ZR1 is expected to top that with an impressive 5.5 liter flat-plane-frank DOHC V8 engine.


According to Motortrend’s sources, the front axle will feature an electric motor that will add more power producing over 900 horsepower. The torque tuned ICE will produce 700+ horsepower, and the electric motor will add an extra 166 ponies. Chevy hasn’t provided many details on the ZR1 yet but expects more information to be released soon.


The brief clip didn’t provide much detail; however, we were able to hear the high-revving exhaust sound. We also got to see a silhouette of what appears to be an aggressive aero design including race spoilers.

Official BMW X3 Unveiling is a Few Weeks Away


The BMW X3 is on the verge of entering its fourth generation. The next-gen SUV has been featured in a variety of auto websites and blogs with a camouflaged body before its planned unveiling in June.


While details haven’t been left out, the camouflaged 2025 X3, BMW’s best-selling model across the globe with 3.5 million units sold in its 20-year history, appears to feature a design that’s a continuation of the previous gen. One feature that we can see has changed is the grille. The X3 will be much smaller than the last gen. BMW has taken note of the 2 Series Coupe and applied a similar front end design on the 2025 X3.


The X3 appears longer with an extra center centimeter giving passengers more rear-seat space and leg room. It will also come in 4- and 6-cylinder gas and diesels engines. A plug-in, hybrid version and EV version called the iX3 will also be available. The iX3 will be more powerful and efficient than the current generation.


For the interior, it’s like the current X5 with a curved one-piece screen. Another difference is less controls. The multimedia system screen will be used for the main instrumentation and multimedia system. One other unique feature that stood out is the flow from the air outlets can be adjusted through a touch-sensitive surface on the dashboard and door panels.


The X3 will also be available in an X50i xDrive M Performance version. It was also decked in camo before the unveiling. The bumpers appear slightly larger with a front splitter improving aerodynamics. The X3 will also be fitted with 20-inch wheels, four tailpipes and Continental Sport Contact 7 sport tires. Other noticeable differences in this version are suspension with specific adaptive dampers, thicker anti-roll bars, an upgraded suspension and steering bushes, modified suspension arms and chassis reinforcements.


Since the unveiling is scheduled for June, reservations will begin in October 2024 and the SUVs will be available by the end of the year.

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