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Navigating a Fender Bender and Finding affordable used auto parts in New Jersey

Navigating a Fender Bender: To Claim or Not to Claim?

Navigating a fender bender can be frustrating, leaving you wondering whether involving your insurance company is the right move for a minor dent. Let’s explore reasons why you should or shouldn’t initiate an insurance claim for auto body damage:

Reasons You Shouldn’t Make an Insurance Claim on Auto Body Damage:

Proximity to Deductible 

If the auto body damage repair estimate hovers near your deductible, covering the auto body repair costs out of pocket might be more economical. This approach avoids the potential hike in insurance premiums following a claim.

My Auto Store can help in navigating a fender bender by providing an OEM replacement auto part quote. Thanks to our massive inventory of auto body parts, our customers can usually find an OEM replacement auto body part that will both fit and match in color.

Solo Incident 

If you were the sole party involved in the accident, filing a claim may not be worthwhile. In such cases, handling the repair independently could be a more pragmatic choice.

A common solo incident accident is someone slightly bumping into a light pole in the parking lot, causing damage to the bumper cover of the vehicle. Bumper covers are generally inexpensive and are easier to install when compared to other auto body parts.

Claim History Concerns 

A track record of frequent claims could label you as a liability. Consider the impact on your deductible before involving your insurance company.

It’s also important to consider the financial impact the car repair will have on your finances, so get estimates on auto repair and auto part costs quickly. My Auto Store can give you a quote on the OEM replacement auto parts you may need, just send us your parts list, and we can get you a quote on auto parts costs when navigating a fender bender.

Reasons You Should File a Claim on Auto Body Damage:

Injuries Involved

 If anyone sustains injuries, contacting your insurance company is crucial. Coverage for medical expenses can prevent significant out-of-pocket costs.

It’s important to contact emergency personnel immediately in these cases.

Dispute Anticipation

If you anticipate challenges in receiving compensation from the other party, involving insurance companies can expedite resolution and ensure fair compensation.

In these cases, it’s important to get the other driver’s insurance information and to get a police report of the incident.

High Repair Costs

For substantial damages beyond a mere scratch or bump, opting for insurance coverage might be more cost-effective. Evaluate the expenses involved before making a decision.

Summary of Navigating a Fender Bender

My Auto Store has insurance-grade OEM replacement auto parts at affordable prices, so reach out if you need a quote on auto parts for your repairs. We also have reliable auto parts for DIY repairs, explore our website for a range of pristine used auto parts.

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