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Prep Your Car for Warmer Weather

With summer around the corner, it’s a great idea to make sure that your car is ready for warmer weather. You don’t want to be caught on a ninety-degree day with no air conditioning. So, take these summer car prep steps to make sure you’re comfortable and safe during the warmer months.

Your Air Conditioning

Checking your climate control is one of the best ways to prepare your car for warm weather. If your vehicle leaks refrigerant, it may go unnoticed throughout the winter months. Then, once summer rolls around, you’ll need to put on the air conditioning. It might be on the highway in traffic, and the asphalt is radiating heat with the summer sun baking. You go to turn on the air and only the fan is working. You’ll be stuck sweating it out in traffic if you didn’t prep your vehicle. So, check that your climate control is working in advance and replenish your refrigerant if you need to.

Keep Some Water Handy

Keeping some water in your vehicle is another great way to make sure you’re prepared for the heat. If you wind up without air conditioning and are stuck on a summer day, like the scenario above, you might become dehydrated. So, it’s a good idea to keep some water in your vehicle. But aside from that use, if your radiator winds up with a tiny crack and is leaking, your vehicle can easily overheat in the warmer months. Keeping coolant and water in your vehicle is a great idea to make sure you can keep your vehicle moving to get somewhere where a mechanic or tow truck can help you out.

Replace Wiper Blades

Another way to get your car ready for warmer weather is to check and change your wiper blades if needed. Snow and ice can tear up the rubber on your windshield wipers. That can leave them damaged which makes them leave streaks. This can be frustrating when dealing with a sudden thunderstorm in the summertime, or when trying to clean splattered bugs off the windshield after a highway drive.

Regular Repairs

Most importantly, make sure your vehicle is running at its best. Regular scheduled maintenance and repairs can really make the difference on a long summer road trip, or even if you’re enjoying a nice Sunday drive. And to save some money, you can invest in certified used car parts like those we offer at My Auto Store. Contact us today to find the right parts for you!

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