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Tips for Buying Auto Parts Online for the First Time

Looking to save money on your next auto repair? Buying auto parts online can save a ton of money compared to the increased premium pricing of a mechanic. However, buying the wrong part can lead to bigger expenses or a big headache, even when dealing with a fair store that allows you to exchange parts. At the end of the day, getting the smallest thing incorrect when ordering a part can mean the difference between a quick and easy buck saved and a long, hard process that could have been avoided.

Here are some tips from My Auto Store for what to look over a second time to ensure you receive the proper part when buying car parts for your vehicle.

Vehicle Information

Even when you think you know the exact part you need, it’s smart to get the right information about your vehicle in order to check if it will match perfectly. There are plenty of tools online that help customers search through auto parts compared to their vehicle information to help reassure they have the part correct. Even further, these tools help those without a clue find the right part for their vehicle. Important information to collect about your vehicle includes the year it was manufactured, the model, the make, and the type of part needed for the repair, online tools such as VIN Decoders may help.

Part Number Confirmation

Shopping by the name of the part can lead to a lot of mishaps. If you have already gotten a consultation from a mechanic, it is likely you have a record of the exact part number needed to match your vehicle’s unique engine. Using the part number instead of the name of the part means getting the exact product needed to complete your repair for a fraction of the cost.

Get a Warranty

When an online vendor doesn’t offer a warranty, it’s a red flag. Most will offer a minimum of 30 days as a warranty. However, considering many issues in parts and vehicles take a while to show themselves, it makes sense to get a longer warranty when possible. With that in mind, simply offering a warranty shows good faith in the products they are selling. For more helpful info on buying used parts, read our article 5 Tips for Buying Used Car Parts.

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