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My Auto Store Partners With VinLogx

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Release Date: 2/15/24

My Auto Store Drives Quality Through an Exclusive Partnership With Vintel

My Auto Store has made a pioneering investment by partnering with an industry-first initiative to introduce VinTel, a diagnostic tool, into the recycled parts sector.

Camden-based My Auto Store has joined forces with leading OBD-II company VinLogx as the recycled parts retailer takes its latest step to enhance its continued service offering quality parts to its customers.

My Auto Store’s latest partnership introduces VinTel, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool, to the recycled market, revolutionizing the way customers perceive and acquire automotive components.

VinTel conducts real-time vehicle health assessments in a standardized and reliable way. This partnership means that My Auto Store can assure its customers that every part for sale has been “VinTel Tested”. Not only can customers feel confident in their purchase, knowing the parts have undergone rigorous quality testing using the state-of-the-art scanning tool, but they can also access a comprehensive report detailing the vehicle’s historical and current health.

This is not only the latest milestone in My Auto Store’s commitment to delivering the highest quality recycled parts with the highest level of customer service, but it is also the only known partnership of its kind in the industry, which highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

Chris Healey, CIO of My Auto Store, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “At My Auto Store, we are devoted to providing our customers with the highest quality products.

“VinTel is an exciting milestone in our continuous journey of improvement, assuring our customers that every part they order meets the highest standards. We would like to thank our partner, VinLogx, for the invaluable contribution to bringing this innovative product to the recycled auto parts industry.”

My Auto Store and VinLogx’s collaboration not only elevates quality standards within the recycled auto parts sector, but also underscores their shared commitment to advancing technology and enhancing the customer experience. This strategic alliance solidifies My Auto Store’s position as an industry leader and sets a benchmark for excellence in the recycled vehicle parts marketplace.

Keith McCord, CEO of VinLogx adds: “With supply chain issues continuing to apply pressure on dealership carrying costs, adding a source for recycled OEM parts now allows options to shorten the reconditioning cycles and meet the critical front line ready times all while preserving profit margins. With My Auto Store implementing OEM level diagnostics through our VinTel product, the purchasers can achieve a level of confidence in the quality of recycled OEM parts that has never been realized before.”

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News Release

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