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Your Car is a Tool, Think of it That Way

Your car can be so much: a passion, a project, a work of art, a safe place, or even a storage unit for those of us that keep our excess clutter in our back seat. But your car is, first and foremost, a tool. Your car’s purpose is to get you from place to place. It’s important to think about your car goals in that sense as often as possible. Especially when you’re first buying your car. Keeping your vehicle’s practical purpose in mind is essential. Thinking of your car is a tool that will help you invest wisely and keep your car well-maintained. Wondering how to choose a car that’s right for you? Keep reading!

How to Choose a Car

When you pick out a car, a lot of what you decide on will be looks. To many people, the best cars are always the ones that look good! For the car savvy, there may be a lot more that goes into the decision. Engine power, reliability, gas mileage, and other things may factor into your decision, but what about a used car? A used car may not look as new as you’d like, and its features may be minimal. But think of a used car as an investment in a working tool. Do some research and see if the car brand is known for reliability and then think of the purchase like a craftsman choosing his instruments. Sometimes the tried-and-true is better than the latest tech.

Purpose over Looks

When you think of your used car (or even your new car) as a tool with a very specific purpose, you can start to make decisions less on the way the car will look and more on the way it works. Tools need to be maintained and cared for in order to work and work well. Your car, as a tool, will need repairs and maintenance to keep it in shape. But again, you need to consider the purpose. Will a spoiler get you anywhere faster? No, not really. Will a brand-new, expensive part from the dealership make a difference? Not when a used part can be just as reliable and much more affordable.

Decision Making

When you think of your car as a tool, you can make decisions based on purpose rather than looks. So, the idea of used parts for repairs may not sound great to the person who thinks of their car as a precious and untouchable garage decoration. But for the individual who uses their car and appreciates the value and reliability of a used part backed by a six-month guarantee, like the parts from My Auto Store, a part is simply a part, meant to repair your favorite piece of equipment.

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