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Simple Vehicle Problems that can Wreak Havoc if Ignored

Your vehicle is a complex feat of engineering. The more complex something is, the easier it is for something small to cause a catastrophic failure. The better maintained your vehicle is, the less likely it is for something small to take your vehicle off the road. Here are a few of the small car problems that can become major complications if you’re not careful.


One of the most noticeable problems that can occur with your vehicle is rust. Rust is a chemical reaction that eats away at the metal in your car. This means that you can have simple cosmetic damage or more severe damage to metal parts and important structural components. Rust is easy to maintain, though. The first thing to do is make sure you’re washing your car regularly and protecting it from environmental processes that accelerate rusting by waxing your vehicle. If you do notice rust on your vehicle, a rust repair kit can help repair minor rust spots.


Changing your oil is another thing that can seem minor but can actually lead to major problems. When you neglect your engine oil, it becomes sludgy. Bits of materials like dirt and metal build up in your oil until it’s no longer lubricating anything. Your vehicle may also have a leak, which means you lose oil over time. When your engine loses this lubrication, it works harder to power your vehicle. This can eventually lead to friction causing heat and total engine failure, or at the very least, car problems. That’s why it’s important to change your oil as frequently as every three thousand to five thousand miles or every three to six months and to regularly monitor your oil levels.


We tend not to notice gradual changes in things we see every day. That makes it easy to miss the wear and tear that affects your vehicle’s tires. As your tire treads become worn, you lose traction. This causes problems with your ability to stop, your ability to steer, and your grip on your road, and can even lead to blown-out tires, which can be immensely dangerous. Tire rotations, yearly inspections, and monitoring the tread on your tires are all easy ways to maintain your tires and ensure they’re working properly.

Maintenance is Important

Simple vehicle maintenance and repairs can go a long way to keeping your car on the road and keeping you safe while you drive. This article on Scheduled Maintenance can give you an idea of what to do to avoid having to diagnose vehicle problems. If you want to make sure that your car is safe and operating as it should without breaking the bank, used auto parts from My Auto Store might be your best solution. So, contact us today to discuss your options!

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