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Where To Find Used Engines With A Warranty

So you’ve made the decision and are ready to buy a used engine instead of a new one. Before proceeding, though, there is one last aspect to consider. It’s not just about buying a used engine and saving some money; your goal should be to get a used engine with a warranty.

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Do Used Engines Have a Warranty?

Sadly, not all used engines come with a warranty. That being said if you buy your used engine from a reputable vendor like My Auto Store, where you will be backed by a 6-month warranty.

What we mean by “some kind of warranty” is that the term warranty can be open to many interpretations. Some sellers may rip you off with dubious terms or extremely short warranties (such as 15-30 days). As we will discuss shortly, be wary of any warranty shorter than 30 days. Moreover, always read the fine print and find out what is exactly covered by the warranty.

Last but not least, always follow the recommendations described in the warranty terms. As we explain in detail in our article, Buying cheap used engines isn’t as risky as you think; you should change many additional parts when replacing a motor to ensure it will work as expected.

How Do I Find a Used Engine? – With a Warranty

Used car engine with warranty in a shop ready for installation

Now that you know you can have a warranty when buying a used engine, the logical question is, where do you find a used engine with a warranty?

In general, buying used auto parts requires a little more insight, especially when it comes to buying engines. That’s why My Auto Store’s experts have broken the process down into steps to make it easier.

Gather the necessary information

Before searching for “used engines with warranty near me,” you need to have at hand the exact information about the type of engine your car uses. Below is a checklist of the information you may be asked to provide.

  • Year, manufacturer, model, and trim level of your car
  • Engine data (number of cylinders, displacement, fuel type, etc.)
  • Type of drivetrain (front-wheel drive FWD, rear-wheel drive RWD, all-wheel-drive AWD, four-wheel-drive 4WD)
  • VIN number

If you know about mechanics or have experience buying parts, you may wonder why it is necessary to collect all this information since, in theory, it is enough with the VIN number to know all the data of the car. The reason is simple; many websites ask you for this information instead of the VIN number, so it is convenient to have all the possibilities covered. That said, your car’s information is available in the owner’s manual. Another option is to use a free VIN decoder. Whichever method you use, you can proceed to the next step once you have it all in hand.

Start looking for your engine

At this stage, we suggest you consider all available alternatives. Search online for “used engines with warranty near me,” visit salvage yards, ask your trusted mechanic if he knows of an engine in good condition, and search eBay, Craigslist, etc. Don’t rule out any options at this time. Depending on the engine installed in your car, the length of this list may vary.

The idea at this stage is to have a list of options with the basic information such as:

  1. The physical location of the seller (important in case the seller does not provide delivery)
  2. Price of the motor (and what is included in the price, i.e., if the motor comes with accessories, sensors, etc.)
  3. Mileage of the engine
  4. Type of warranty (if offered)
  5. Does the seller offer free shipping?

Note that we are not talking about applying any filters (yet).

Finding the right used engine (with a warranty)

The objective of this step is straightforward, avoiding getting scammed. With that in mind, our My Auto Store team suggests you apply the following filters:

Convenience. Ask yourself questions like, does the vendor offer free shipping, or do I need to transport the engine myself? In that case, ask yourself, do I have a suitable vehicle, or should I include the additional cost of shipping?

Pro Tip. Favor sellers that offer free shipping to your location.

Type of seller. If you have followed our advice, you will probably have both private sellers and businesses on your list.

Pro Tip. If you have many options to choose from, we recommend that you prefer established companies, as this gives you an additional layer of peace of mind and support.

Mileage. Keep in mind that the average life of an engine is approximately 250,000 miles. For this reason, favor engines with less than 100,000 miles.

Pro Tip. You can verify the information provided by the seller using a service such as CARFAX.

Is the company reputable? Assuming you have heeded our suggestion of favoring businesses over private sellers, it is a good idea to do a little research on the company’s reputation offering your engine. Is the business registered with the appropriate local association? What do the buyer reviews say? How many years has the company been in business? Your best ally for this research is common sense.

Pro Tip. If you have trouble getting information on Google about the company, or the company does not offer reliable contact information on its website, then discard it immediately.

Warranty coverage. Finally, after you have refined your list, it is time to analyze the seller’s warranty in detail. Be wary of warranties shorter than 30 days.

Pro Tip. Serious companies offer warranties of 90 days or more.

My Auto Store Difference

My Auto Store is the leading source of used engines with a warranty on the East Coast. Why? My Auto Store has a state-of-the-art automotive disassembly plant in Camden, New Jersey.

Furthermore, unlike other auto recycling centers, My Auto Store is involved in the whole process: from vehicle acquisition to extracting used engines. This allows us to ensure the maximum reliability of our used engines, which is reflected in our unbeatable 6-month warranty>. Not enough? For a small fee, you can extend the warranty to one year!

Do you need a used engine with a warranty for your car? My Auto Store purchases more than 7,000 cars and trucks per month, so we will most likely have your engine in stock.


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