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Is It Worth Buying a Used Engine?

A car’s engine is the most important and in most cases the most expensive component of a car that requires regular maintenance and care. Do you know how to read the signs of a faulty engine or how to take care of it? Engines will need a major repair or even a replacement if they lack regular maintenance. In this case the owner has to buy a replacement engine and pay for installation.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Engine

A faulty engine can harm the environment by releasing excessive exhaust into the air and by needing more gas than a regular functioning engine. Sometimes you can tell there is something wrong with your car engine by looking at the exhaust fume color. Blue colored fume is usually an indication of burning oil and white fume usually means coolant issues. If a car is burning too much fuel the fume will turn black. If you are seeing odd colored fume coming out of your car this usually signals to a major problem with the engine. Buying a brand new engine is expensive and this is the reason car owners look into buying used car engines.

Why Buy Used Engines?

A brand new car engine usually costs thousands of dollars. Many vehicle owners find this overly expensive and they can’t afford such an amount. The most logical solution would be buying a used OEM engine for a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new one. However used engines shouldn’t be confused with rebuilt engines. Used engines come from cars that have damage to a major system. Just like there is a risk with buying anything used there are risks while buying a used engine as well. However it is the absolute cheapest way to replace a broken engine.

Just like used engines, rebuilt engines also come from used cars. However the major difference between a used OEM engine and a rebuilt engine is rebuilt engines have parts that were already replaced. This means the engine might have had damage in the past but it was repairable by replacing damaged parts and the gaskets. This means when you get a rebuilt engine you are no longer buying a used engine with all of its original parts. The engine might operate like new but the fact that it doesn’t have all the genuine parts means it is faced with the risk of malfunctioning while being way more expensive than a used engine with all the original parts.

Shopping For Used Engines

The most common way of buying a used engine people think of is going to a scrapyard and “pulling” a used engine off a wrecked car. This requires time, effort and sometimes money because if you don’t know how to extract a car engine you might need to pay someone to do it for you. Not to mention scrap yards can be dangerous. Learn about the hidden dangers of junk yards by reading our blog post here.

The cheapest and most convenient way of buying a used engine is buying it from online. By buying your used engine from a reputable online source you save yourself the hassle of going to a u-pull-it yard and risking your safety. At My Auto Store we have thousands of used motors that are already extracted, inspected and ready to ship to your door for free. You can refer to our blog post where we outlined how to shop for a used engine online the smartest way possible if you have any questions in mind.

Due Diligence

While buying a used engine online you will need to have some information handy to make sure the engine will fit your car. The most important piece of information is your VIN number. You might also need to know the engine code and production date. Even though you won’t find an engine that has been damaged due to a crash at My Auto Store, if you want to be extra safe you can obtain engine history by getting a CarFax report on the vehicle. At My Auto Store no used engine makes its way to our online store without passing our 4-stage inspection process. Moreover all of our used motors come with a 6 month warranty! You can read the story of a part at My Auto Store to see all the stages a used engine has to go through before it is even placed on the shelf and makes its way to your door.

Buying a used engine might sound scary but when you have a trusted source that backs up your purchase with a free warranty like My Auto Store, don’t think twice. Our parts experts are here for you Monday through Saturday to assist you and answer any questions. Just give them a call at 888-900-1545.

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